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How to Know it is Time to Remove Toxic People from Your Life

Toxic people are sources of stress and a hindrance to both progress and happiness. I f you continue to have them around, you stand a greater chance of developing heart disease. It is almost impossible not to have people who are always unhappy when you have an achievement and do not seem to have interest in changing. Rather than focusing on what causes such unethical behavior, think of the damage they will cause on you.

Toxic people will always make you feel ashamed or have to defend the decision you make frequently. As a result, you will start feeling resentful, angry and ashamed. Upon observation, such people turn conversations into emotional exhaustion for others. Toxic traits are easily transmitted from one person to another, especially if they are close. The book, The Lucifer Principle, categorizes such instances as natural defense mechanisms. In such cases, it is crucial to remove them from your life.

As much as the idea of toxicity is quite common, it is essential to know how to spot such people and know how to go about it. You need to know that just because one is toxic they are also bad. You should never expect perfection in any relationship since the negativity portrayed by people is often caused by the difficult times in life. The level of the relationship determines how long you will tolerate them. Being in such types of toxicity will never allow you to identify harmful people or even to take care pf your needs. Below are characters of toxic people.

They always manipulate and control others; especially using gaslighting methods to create self-doubt. You can never hold an argument with them as they think they are always right and blame other people. Even when a number of people have gone through the same thing, a toxic person will make it appear like they are the victim of the situation. Most of them mask their jealousy by trying to criticize everyone else. If you are in one, you will notice you are the one to give but not receive. Toxic persons will dominate the conversation and expect you to do more for them.

Before removing such people from your life, it is essential to consider the possibility that they may become abusive and resistant. You should, therefore, consider implementing healthy tactics when going about it. Below are some healthy tips you should employ.

When it comes to dealing with people close to you, consider distancing them rather than altogether avoid them. If they are the type to start arguing, be firm when restating your boundaries and cut off all links.

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